Natural Rubber used to be the first insulating material used in electrical Cables before the advent of other insulating material like Paper, PE, PVC, XLPE etc.Rubber is still considered the best available insulation for cables which requires flexibility.Both Aluminium and Copper Conductors are generally used in Rubber Cables. However, pre-dominantly tinned flexible copper conductors (Class-V) are used in Rubber Cables.In the initial days, natural rubber was used both as insulation and sheath of cables. In recent times, many varieties and grades of synthetic rubber (Elastomeric) materials are available in the market and are used for insulation and sheathing purpose based on their characteristics. The following table will help to choose various insulating and sheathing materials based on the cable application.


  • Higher Tensile Strength of Insulation.
  • Higher Elongation of both Insulation and Sheath.
  • Flexible Tinned Copper Conductor for Flexibility.
  • Minimum Bending Radius.
  • Ease of Termination.
  • Longer Cable Service.
  • NABL accredited laboratory.



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